Converting an attic into a bedroom: Key Guidelines

What is an attic?

Also known as the sky parlor, an attic is often seen below the pitched roof of a
building or a house. An attic covers good enough space which is the exact
reason why majority of home owners think of Converting an attic into a bedroom.
The idea is good however making attic your bedroom is easier said than done.
There are a lot of things that need to be considered and there are lots of
guidelines that need to be followed. In this short discourse we will share with
you some key aspects pertaining to Converting an attic into a bedroom.

Key Things to Consider

Before we jump on to the tips of Converting an attic into a bedroom; first of all we
need to see some key considerations. These considerations are many however some
important ones have been discussed in the headings below.

The Building Codes

There are many codes and building restrictions that you need to have information
about before you actually start developing your bedroom. These codes and
restrictions are very important as far as safety is concerned. If you do not have any knowledge about the codes then it is recommended that you take the services of contractor who can actually manage the entire project for you. You can also consult the relevant authorities of your city in this regard.


Usually attics are built for storage use. The problem hence is that there are high
chances that your attic may not be having the structural foundation which is
necessary for converting it into a bedroom. Before you actually plan the design
of your future bedroom, it is necessary that you should ensure that any changes
in the attic will not affect the structural integrity of your house.


After analyzing the foundation and construction cost you need to concentrate on the
would be décor of your bedroom. There are many things to consider in this
aspect however a major thing is the theme. The theme options are many such as
classic, modern, elegant, traditional and rustic. While selecting the theme you
need to keep in mind the elements that are already present in your future
bedroom such as the angled ceilings, ladder access and built-in shelves. You
need to see how these elements actually fit in to your, would be design.


Be careful as far as furniture goes. Yes you may desire to purchase brand new furniture for your new bedroom, however remember that renovation is not easy and
everything does not go as per your budget. As the renovation work is progresses
new costs may get surfaced. Hence it is better to retain your old furniture or
if it is not that great then you can find second hand stuff from the market

Tips for Converting an attic into a bedroom

We have already seen some of the major considerations in the headings above. Now
we will see some basic tips that can really help you in coming up with a nice
décor for your future bedroom. In the headings below we have briefly mentioned
some of these tips


To make things easier for yourself it is better that you hire a professional. A
professional will provide you the right plan in relation to your attic
conversion. A professional will actually tell you whether your home can
actually support this project.

It is better that load bearing walls should be kept intact. You can reinforce
supporting beams as they can carry the weight of new room. The engineer will
actually tell you which tasks are doable and which are not.

You should also inspect the roof of your room. If you think that it is not tall
enough then in such a case you lift the roof up. This will make your room more
spacious and taller. As already mentioned, do check your local rules with
regards to renovation to avoid any untoward situation.


You can now consider the layout of your room. It is better that you construct a
bathroom in your new bedroom of course this can be done only if your room space
allows you to do so. You can also utilize the short walls of your room to
develop a nice storage space. There are several other things on which you can
work on such as you can make a small space on the floor for fitting in of staircase.
You can also consider spiral stairs in this regard.


There are high chances that your attic windows are small well if this is the case
then you can replace them with the windows which are bigger in size. You can
construct dormers and decorate the windows with beautiful curtains that can
control the light and increase the value of your home.

Like any other room do pay special attention to your lights. No matter how beautiful
your bedroom may look, all the beauty will disappear if the lighting is not
good. Try to find the right contrast and colors. You can seek help from the
modern day decorative tutorials as well.

Ventilation and cooling

In majority of the cases there is no proper insulation in attics. For Converting
an attic into a bedroom first of all you need to get the roof insulated. The
same should be done with walls too. The insulation should be done with utmost care. Ensure that the insulation is not set up very near to your roof tiles. Fitting in a nice air conditioner along with a ceiling fan is also not a bad option at all.

For setting up a AC unit on your new bedroom, feel free to visit to get an expert assistance.

1. Colors

Last but not the least; try to paint the bedroom with the right colors. It is better
that you should go for colors which are bright. You can utilize neutral hues for the base and play with bright colors. Do not forget to secure the stairs and entrance of
your bedroom particularly if this room is to be allotted to your children.


These were some of the major things that must be kept in mind while converting an
attic into a bedroom. Converting an attic into a bedroom is a tiresome job;
however it all comes down to your passion. If you are really up for this task
then things will be very easy for you. The guidelines which we have mentioned
above are just the tip of an ice berg. There are many other tips as well which
you can apply. Thanks to the internet nowadays, finding additional tips with
regards to this subject will not be difficult for you.

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